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You've spent countless hours planning your big construction project. You know exactly what you need done, and you're ready to hire someone who can do it. That's where Creamer & Associates comes in. We offer a wide range of construction services in Toyah, TX and surrounding areas, including Odessa, Midland and Abilene. You can trust our reputable residential and industrial construction contractor to take on your project with confidence.

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Creamer & Associates can handle your entire construction project, from start to finish. Our services include:

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Creamer & Associates is dedicated to providing superior residential and commercial construction services to clients in Toyah, TX and beyond. You can trust us to complete your construction project with precision and care because:

  • We're skilled: we have over 15 years of residential and commercial construction experience
  • We're qualified: we're fully licensed for contracting, electrical and plumbing work in Texas
  • We're versatile: we can take on any kind of construction project, no matter the size
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